Presentation Folders

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Why Presentation Folder Printing?

A Presentation folder is a kind of folder that holds loose papers or documents together for organization and protection. They usually consist of a sheet of heavy paper stock or other thin, but stiff, material that is folded in half with pockets in order to keep paper documents. Presentation folders function much like that of a file folder for organizational purposes; however, the main difference is that the presentation folder is printed and used more as a tool for business presentations to customers to aid in the sales process. Presentation folders exist of a single sheet of paper with a folding bottom section that creates a pocket to hold your documents.

Available in many different styles to suit a variety of purposes, it is produced by a company to provide marketing. An example would be a company producing a new product and wanted to show their customers all the benefits of that product in an organized fashion.

Presentation folders have become one of the best-loved marketing tools in the market.  Not only are they used as accessories, but also as major marketing tools that represent individuals or businesses.  Presentation folders are crucial because just like business cards, they are some of the best and first marketing tools to represent any business to their target audience, as it is one of the first things that your clients see that reflect your business.

Presentation folders allow for the following two important things.  Not only does it enable you to assemble all your inserts and presentation documents when you present your business to your clients, but your folder can also be re-used to become your cover should you reproduce inserts, flyers, or any other marketing tools that you require on a regular basis.

Your presentation folders should be made as sturdy and long lasting as possible so that you can re-use them over and over again with any of your other marketing tools.