Wall Calendars

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Why Wall Calendar Printing?

A wall calendar can be seen as a type of advertising that works for your company 365 days of the year, promoting your business to your specified target market in offices where decisions are made, and homes where services are required.

In addition to being very useful, wall calendars also provide a decorative way of lighting up your office or home.  No matter what images or designs are used for the design of the calendar, it has a way of making the work environment not so dull.

Some companies prefer having a single-sheet calendar, displaying all twelve months on a single, big sheet that stays consistent throughout the year. Other companies prefer having a multi-sheet calendar that gets flipped over every month, with different images or designs for every month.

Calendars are a necessity; 98% of all homes and virtually 100% of all businesses use calendars. The typical businessperson has 2.5 calendars in his/her working area. Why not use this element to promote your company the whole year through?

Types of Calendars:
•    Single-sheet Wall Calendars
•    Multi-sheet Wall Calendars
•    Desk Pad Calendars
•    Desktop Calendars – tent & CD